A day late and a dollar short

Post for Jan. 12
Sorry I didn’t get this published on schedule yesterday. Life intervened.

My husband, recovering from rotator cuff surgery, has gotten the OK to start driving again, “as long as it doesn’t hurt.” In practice, that means that he often can drive to a place or event, but his shoulder hurts too much to drive home. So, he calls his live-in chauffeur (LIC) service to pick him up. It is also the LIC’s responsibility to find someone to ferry her to the abandoned car and drive it home, before it gets ticketed.

Interruptions, worry, and car rescues all take time, and distract the LIC from concentrating  on paying work and other personal commitments.

That’s the “day late” bit. The “dollar short?” Well, it’s more than a dollar, actually. My gas bills are way over budget.

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