Produce department, Wegman's Pittsford

Here you see one of the reasons I love living in Rochester, New York: the huge variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

While we get most of our produce from the City of Rochester’s public market, I also love shopping at this store, the flagship store of the Wegman’s supermarket chain. Besides the wonderful produce, they have an amazing variety of everything:  Eleven brands of arboreo rice to choose from, when Andy wants to make risotto. Hundreds of varieties of tea, bagged or loose. The 20-foot-long cheese case, full of domestic and imported specialty cheeses.


(To see a larger version of the photograph, just click on it.)

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2 Responses to Colors

  1. Angelia Sims says:

    We have a Whole Foods Market here that has wonderful fruits and vegetables just bursting with color. Your market looks fabulous! Love the pic!

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