Like resolutions, predictions flood the media around the beginning of the new year. Whether it’s a misreading of ancient manuscripts, half-baked interpretations of astronomical events, or the work of sensation-seeking conspiracy theorists, everybody gets into the act, predicting drama and disaster.

2012 has attracted a bumper crop of disaster predictions. Those and other, less disastrous predictions are catalogued at the 2012 Predictions website.

Half the news stories and columns stress the horrors to come. Most of the others just ridicule the first half, without actually explaining what is or isn’t happening. Among the few to serve up facts along with sensational fiction, these two stand out:

2012: The Beginning of the End, or Why the World Won’t End?

2012: Shadow of the Dark Rift

Both sites give links and references to further information on the real science behind the hype and hysteria. Please read them. Please tell your friends. Please don’t spread the mythology.

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