OK, I’m doing it!

Got pages set up for my various Life Lists:

  • Do!
    A traditional life lists (aka bucket list) of things I want to do, places I want to go, and changes I want to make in my life. May be divided into sub-pages later, but I’d rather keep it all together for now.
  • Read!
    I suspect this will be the longest list [grin]. People who know me will understand.
  • Declutter!
    A little different from the other lists. I’ve been decluttering for a couple of years, but still have a long way to go. I’ve found that it’s easier to give up stuff I love if I spend some with it first. I’m hoping that a photo and a story or two will help me let go of childhood and family treasures that I don’t use anymore, and make it easier to give them to relatives or donate to charity.


Look for additions to all four lists over the coming weeks.

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Cat lover, singer, early music addict, reads a lot. Former R&D chemist with an obsessive need for variety. Now active as a freelance technical writer and editor, web designer, photographer, computer coach, and trainer. Owner, MasterWork Consulting (http://www.masterworkconsulting.com/).
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