Yesterday was a lazy day.

We both needed a lazy day. We find it very hard to rest at home, with everything in the place whispering “deadline coming,” “clean me,” “fix me,” “organize me.”

So, Wednesday noon, we drove to Cleveland. Yes, we had friends to visit, but no actual activities on the agenda. It was a long drive, but we had a pleasant supper with our friends, good conversation, and a good night’s sleep.

Yesterday—Thursday—was lovely:

  • more good food (which we didn’t have to cook)
  • more good conversation with people we don’t see nearly often enough
  • three cats to cuddle, including an incredibly sweet elderly snowshoe siamese (but no need to scoop their litter)
  • a lovely old dog to share the couch with

The four of us talked, read books, answered email, talked, ate, read some more, sipped a variety of wonderful teas, and had a very relaxing time.

In an hour, Andy and I will drive home to Rochester, rested and refreshed, ready to face our normal life again with energy and joy.

Hello, world!

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