Lippe catches a cold

Lippe sitting in my purse

Lippe is ready to go!

Today, we wanted to take Lippe to the art gallery, so the three of us got in the car.

Lippe holding steering wheel

Lippe wanted to drive

Lippe offered to drive, but his feet didn’t reach the pedals, so he had to be content riding in my purse.



When we got to the gallery, it was closed. The gallery used to be open on Tuesdays, with free admission all afternoon. When did the hours change?

Disappointed, we went home again, and ate lunch. Andy tutors at an elementary school on Tuesday afternoons, so I had Lippe to myself for a couple of hours. I took him with me to run errands.

Lippe at the bank

Lippe at the bank

We went to the bank, where Lippe flirted with the teller, taking off his hoodie to show off his muscles. She was impressed, but warned him that it was winter, and he might catch a cold!

Macho Lippe, of course, refused to put his hoodie back on again.

Silly wookie!

After stopping for gas, I noticed that Lippe was shivering and sneezing. The teller was right—Lippe was coming down with a cold!

Fortunately, our vet’s office is right down the road, and one of the techs was available for an emergency appointment.

Lippe at the vet


The vet tech was very firm with Lippe. She told him he was lucky it was only a cold, since he could have picked up a secondary pneumonia infection. She gave him strict instructions to:

  • wear a shirt even indoors
  • bundle up in a hoodie whenever he went outdoors
  • eat healthy food
  • take his vitamins (she gave him a packet)
  • get lots of sleep

We went straight home from  the vet’s office, postponing the rest of our errands.

Lippe in bathrobe

The vet gave Lippe a nice bathrobe to bundle up in.

Lippe spent the rest of the day bundled up in his new bathrobe, sipping tea in front of the fire. (Did you notice how the bathrobe matches his eyes?)

No more adventures for Lippe until he recovers!

Lippe was introduced in yesterday’s post.

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2 Responses to Lippe catches a cold

  1. Wallas says:

    Lippe, mate…. don’t take no heed of those fancy schmancy nancy vet rules.
    Live fast, play hard mate. You rock!

  2. Freya says:

    Oh Lippe, you’re not allowed to drive BIG cars, your drivers license is for your Barbie Beetle only (am I allowed to say it’s a Barbie car?)!

    Hahaha macho you, trying to impress the girls, landing at the vet’s! I hope you learned your lesson! BTW I bet the bathrobe is very impressive on the girls, too!

    *huggies* from Freya and mum XXX

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