Lippe feeds the birds

Lippe and Midnight

Lippe and Midnight look out the window


Lippe accompanied Midnight on her morning patrol, and noticed that the bird feeders were all empty.





bird feeders

Lippe and the bird feeders



Lippe bundled up in his warm hoodie, and helped me collect all the feeders.


Lippe and sunflower seed feeder

Lippe and sunflower seed feeder




He held each feeder open while I filled it, and then we hung the full feeders on three sides of the house where the birds would find them.


Lippe shivering

Lippe shivering




Afterwards, Lippe was shivering so hard, all the photographs were coming out blurry!

We decided to spend the rest of the day reading in front of the fire.







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2 Responses to Lippe feeds the birds

  1. Freya says:

    Aww, what a nice piccture of you and Midnight looking out the window! Lovely! WOW you got much snow there, we have none this winter! Glad, you’re taking care of the birdies! I think, there are different birdies in Rochester, than here at home, I hope you saw some of them coming to the feeders!

    I hope you did not catch another cold, but I’m sure, the fire helped prevent this! Did you read a book to Kat and the kitties?

    • Kat says:

      After Lippe helped fill the feeders, we saw lots of birds, Freya! Mostly sparrows and purple finches, but also some goldfinches, chickadees, two cardinals, a bluejay, and a downy woodpecker.

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