Lippe goes shopping

Lippe has recovered from his sniffles, and felt well enough to help with the weekly shopping.

Petco entrance

First stop

Our first stop was the pet store, to stock up on litter and treats.


Then we went grocery shopping.


Wegmans supermarket


The Wegmans store on Monroe Avenue in Pittsford, NY (a Rochester suburb) is the largest supermarket in the area. They have an excellent selection of all kinds of food, housewares, and lots of other stuff.



Lippe rides in the shopping cart

Lippe rides in the shopping cart


Lippe decided to ride in the shopping cart, instead of in my purse, so he could have a better view of the wonderful things inside the store.





Wegmans produce department

Look at all the fruits and vegetables!


Right inside the door was the Produce department, filled with fruit, vegetables, and people.



Lippe prefers organic products



Then came the bakery, with freshly made bread, rolls, muffins and pastries. It smelled so good!




Wegmans meat counter

The meat counter was overwhelming!


There was a very long meat counter…






Lippe at the cheese counter

Dozens of domestic and imported cheeses



dozens and dozens of different kinds of domestic and imported cheeses…




Lippe at the Asian food buffet

Lippe at the Asian food buffet



and a deli. There is also a ready-to-eat buffet where one can choose entrees and side dishes to eat in the Wegmans Market Cafe, or to take home.



Lippe inspects the fish

Lippe inspected the fish


When we got to the fish counter, Lippe was very glad he’d worn his hoodie!





Lippe was tired by this time, so—after a brief stop to appreciate the fresh-cut flowers—we stopped at the Tea Bar for a rest.







Lippe looking down the aisle

Lippe searching for cat supplies


Our last task was to find the shelves with cat food and toys (less expensive here than at the pet store).






Lippe and cat food

There it is!


Cavendish and Maxwell were running low on their favorite flavor of stinkyfood, Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Ocean Whitefish and Tuna.




Lippe chooses a gift for Midnight

So many to choose from!



Lippe also wanted to get a hostess gift for Midnight, so we looked at the toys.




Lippe and cat toy

She'll like this one. It squeaks!



He finally decided on this toy.







Lippe with Wegmans cashier

Lippe makes friends wherever he goes!



That’s it. We have everything. Time to go through the checkout line and pay the cashier!





We went home, unloaded the groceries, gave Midnight her gift, and took a nap to rest up for choir rehearsal this evening.



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2 Responses to Lippe goes shopping

  1. Freya says:

    Oh, shopping is one of Lippe’s favorite things to do!

    How nice to buy a little gift for Midnight (do you have money Lippe?) and to remember to bring the fave kitty food home! Glad to see, you’re offering a helping paw! Well done!

    And look at you – posing with the girls again! How many hearts did you break on your trip yet?!

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