Lippe is here!

Lippe arrived

Say hello, Lippe.

Lippe arrived late this afternoon.

Who is Lippe?
It’s a long story.

Several years ago, when I became aware of Twitter, I was eager to learn more. Wary of making a fool of myself under my personal or business name, I decided to test the waters by creating an account for my cat, Quark. Quark could make all the newbie mistakes and, when I was comfortable with Twitter culture and knew how to behave, I would start my own for-real Twitter account.

Tweeting as a cat was loads of fun. I discovered that there are thousands of pets with their own Twitter accounts, and a whole bunch of stuffed animals that tweeted, too. They, and their typists, were friendly and entertaining. One of the friends that Quark made was a German guinea pig named Mookie (Twitter name: @schnille). Sadly, Mookie died (guinea pigs are short-lived creatures) but his stuffed friends @fuzzyFreya and Lippe are still making friends all over the world.

Lippe, in particular, has become a seasoned world traveler. Over the past year or so, this little stuffed Wookie (kin to Star Wars character Chewbacca) has visited friends in many places, and had wonderful adventures, collecting postcards, clothes, and souvenirs from each of his hosts. His activities here will be quieter and less adventuresome than some of his hosts have provided for him. We’ll be showing him around town, and sharing some of our daily chores and pleasures.

Tonight, after his long trip, Lippe decided to spend a quiet evening here at home, getting acquainted with our three current Feline Overlords, Midnight, Cavendish, and Maxwell, and relaxing in front of the fire.

The first order of business was to light the fire.

Lippe supervises

Lippe supervises the fire-starting process

Lippe supervised piling the logs in the grate, adding the fatwood, and setting the whole thing ablaze.

Lippe watches the fire

Lippe watches the fire







It took a long time to get everything set up correctly, to Lippe’s satisfaction, but I think the results were worth it!


Unfortunately, Midnight is a privacy nut, and rarely allows me to get a photograph of her. I’ll try again later this week.

Cavendish and Maxwell, on the other hand, absolutely love the camera.

Lippe and Cavendish

Cavendish welcomes Lippe

Cavendish was a bit wary of the stranger at first, but after Lippe gave him a chin scratch and a tummy rub, he consented to share his pillow.





Lippe with Maxwell

Max enjoys Lippe's company

Maxwell soon lured Lippe away, however, with the promise of a warm snuggle. They spent the rest of the evening together, before going off to bed.

Plans for tomorrow include a trip to the art museum.


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One Response to Lippe is here!

  1. Freya says:

    Hello Lippe!

    So nice to see you again! Looks like you’re feeling right at home with Midnight, Maxwell, Cavendish, Kat and everybody, who gave you a warm welcome in Rochester! Be a good boy!

    Freya and mum!

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