Lippe joins the choir!

Lippe came with me to choir rehearsal tonight.

Lippe waited in my music bag

Lippe on his way to choir rehearsal


He’s been looking forward to it for days. He missed his chance to sing in the Boar’s Head Festival, and was so eager that he couldn’t wait until I finished dinner and packed up my music.





church courtyard with lighted tree

Tree in the church courtyard


On our way from the parking lot to the choir room, we stopped to look at the lighted tree in the inner courtyard of Third Presbyterian Church.




Lippe in the music cabinet

Lippe checks my box for new music


We stopped at my box to pick up new music and my copy of the choir newsletter.




Lippe and choir newsletter



Right away, Lippe spotted a typo. “It’s not 2011, it’s 2012!”





Lippe at the piano

Lippe at the piano


Since the assistant organist hadn’t arrived yet, Lippe offered to accompany the rehearsal. That didn’t go very well.



Lippe in the tenor section

Lippe in the tenor section


After a brief voice placement audition, Lippe was accepted into the tenor section, where the other singers made him feel welcome.




While Lippe worked very hard, and tried his best, the result was less than successful. Lippe will not be singing with us on Sunday morning.

Lippe and the choir director

Lippe with Peter DuBois


Our choir director gently advised Lippe not to quit his day job.






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One Response to Lippe joins the choir!

  1. Freya says:

    WOW Lippe, they accepted you into the tenor section! What an honor! I think, you would have needed a little more rehearsing, to join the choir on a Sunday morning… Just a little! And playing the organ with paws is quite a challenge! Better leave that to the hoomans, too!

    Thanks a lot to the choir members for giving you such a warm welcome and for the lovely pictures! We had sooooo much fun looking at them and reading about Lippe’s adventure!

    Much love,
    Freya and mum

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