Lippe visits the art museum

Today, Lippe and Andy and I visited the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.

memorial art gallery

Memorial Art Gallery, photographed last October

Lippe sitting on wreath

Lippe sitting on wreath at Gallery entrance today







clock by Wendell Castle

Clock by Wendell Castle


We saw many beautiful works of art, including the Extreme Materials exhibit (although I couldn’t take any pictures there).

Here are a few of the highlights.




Mexican pots

Mexican pots



The gallery has recently renovated many of their exhibits from the permanent collection. The first floor houses items from Asia, Africa, and the Americas.



Chimu mask

Lippe liked the gold mask




This mask is from the Chimú culture in Perú.


Laughing boy statue

My twin!




Lippe was excited to meet the Laughing Boy from Mexico, but disappointed that the gallery store didn’t have a replica of the hat to buy as a souvenir.





bench by Wendell Castle

Bench by Wendell Castle


This bench was carved by Wendell Castle, who also made the wonderful blue clock we saw near the gallery entrance. It’s very comfortable.




second floor of the Memorial Art Gallery

Second floor of the memorial art gallery


The second floor of the MAG houses mostly European art.





educational display

This is interesting!


During the renovations, the MAG staff added some excellent interactive educational displays.





18th c. Archbishop of Paris

An 18th c. Archbishop of Paris



This well-fed archbishop reminded Lippe that it was almost dinner time.

The rest of us weren’t ready to leave, though.





Fountain Court and baroque organ

Fountain Court and baroque organ


As I was photographing the ornate baroque organ in the Fountain Court, I heard a guard shout “No swimming in the fountain!”






Lippe in the fountain

Lippe in the fountain


Oh, dear!

I knew who that had to be.






Lippe on the gallery stairs

Lippe sliding down the handrail



On the way downstairs, Lippe decided that the handrail would be faster than the elevator.

Tomorrow, we will have a very quiet day!





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  1. Freya says:

    Oh, what a great trip to the art museum! I hope, you learned a lot reading the educational displays and discovering all the great exhibits! But Lippe, where do you get your crazy ideas?! Bathing in the Fountain?! What, if the guard had called the police??? Don’t get Kat and Andy into BIG trouble!

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