Most influential? Moi?

For the last week and a half, I’ve been getting emails and tweets saying “Congratulations!” Since I’ve been busy pulling together a talk I’m going to give in New York City this Thursday, I haven’t really paid much attention. Today, though, I decided to find out what was going on.

I asked several friends what they were congratulating me about. They all sent me the same link:

<a href=””>The 400 Most Influential in #Techcomm and #ContentStrategy</a>

Oh, my!

Now, I’m really nowhere near the top of the list—I’m #40—but this is still a surprise. There are many people with lower rankings that I consider mentors and role models.  There is an explanation of the process MindTouch used to calculate their rankings. Sort of.

“Previously, our team spent literally weeks pouring over a variety of data sources including, but not limited to, Klout, Google Pagerank, Technorati Authority and Twitter. This year we had the benefit of a phenomenal social media analysis tool that hasn’t launched yet.”

Whatever the reason, I’m extremely flattered to be included in this list, at any level.

Thank you, MindTouch!

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