2013 reading goals

I have two interlocking reading goals for 2012.

  1. Read one book a week that has been gathering dust on my shelves. Some of these are old favorites that I’ve been wanting to re-read but haven’t gotten around to. Some of these are books, new to me, that I picked up on sale, or found at thrift shops, or borrowed from friends.
  2. Read books scheduled by my two book clubs.

My intention is to blog something about each of these books. It may be a review that will also appear on GoodReads or the TBR challenge blog. It may be an essay on an issue raised in a recently-read book. It may only be a simple “Third Sentence Thursday” quote. But I will write something.

I will also try to be better at tracking my want to read/am reading/finished status on my Read! page. May put it into a table format, so it will be easier to see whether the books are part of a challenge, assigned for a book club discussion, or just random stuff that caught my eye.

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Cat lover, singer, early music addict, reads a lot. Former R&D chemist with an obsessive need for variety. Now active as a freelance technical writer and editor, web designer, photographer, computer coach, and trainer. Owner, MasterWork Consulting (http://www.masterworkconsulting.com/).
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