Mount TBR Progress Report 2013-11-16

I’m re-thinking my TBR plan for 2014.

Stats for this week:

  • One TBR2013-listed book finished.
  • Three books finished that weren’t on my list.

Originally, I planned to start my 2014 TBR list with the books I haven’t finished from my 2013 list, adding other book titles until I hit 36 books. I still think the numerical goal (36 books) is reasonable, but my lack of literary self-discipline is discouraging. When I finish one book and am looking for my next read, I keep skipping over my TBR shelf to grab something from one of my other dusty shelves…or something new from the library…or a book borrowed from a friend.

This week I’ll be looking through the TBR discussions for alternative ways to meet the challenge. I think I might be better off just setting a target number and filling in the titles AFTER I read the book.

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