One month from today

What do you hope to have accomplished one month from today?


That’s a hard one. I’m used to thinking on very different time scales, usually driven by project deadlines. I have Next Actions for each project (thank you, David Allen/GTD). I have long-term life goals (go back to Turkey before I die). “One month from today” doesn’t fit my customary pattern.

One month from today, I hope to have:

  • Finished the first project for a new client (work)
  • Finished a new section of my business website, for two workshop series I want to offer over the summer (work)
  • Taken down ALL the holiday decorations (household)
  • Weeded out enough old files, currently stored in our 3rd floor guest room, so I won’t be embarrassed to have guests actually stay there (household)
  • Rejoined the choir where I used to work as a soloist, this time singing as a volunteer (personal)
  • Read two books from my TBR shelves, and started a new book for the Sisters in Spirit discussion group (personal)
  • Lost another four pounds (personal)

Next step: Set a reminder for February 6 to check my progress.


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