I don’t like to admit failure.

Last year, I signed up for the 2013 Mount TBR Challenge. I picked what seemed to be an easy level: Mont Blanc. 24 books from my To Be Read pile. Since I read a couple of books a week, I thought it would be easy. I picked 24 books I’ve had for years, books I still wanted to read, and figured I’d finish my list by Easter.


Oh, I’ve read dozens of books so far this year, many more than the 24 I said I’d read.

So, why am I declaring it a failure?

My failure is a failure of discipline. Most of the books I’ve read this year were NOT on the list of books I committed to read. Out of the 60 or so books I’ve read since January 1, only six of them were from my Mount TBR list. The other 18 TBR books have been sitting there on the shelf, getting dustier, while I merrily read other old books from my shelves, newly purchased books, books borrowed from friends, library books.

I’m cutting my losses, admitting failure, and — yes — signing up for the 2014 Mount TBR Challenge. I’ll start with the leftovers from this year’s set, the books I didn’t get to because I was busy reading other stuff. And I’ll try to figure out how to avoid delicious distractions and stay on track!

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