Signing Up For Mount TBR 2014

Last Saturday, 2013-11-02, I moaned about missing my 2013 Mount TBR goal. I read lots and lots of books, but not the specific books I said I’d read.

For 2014, I will be signing up again. As an exercise in self-discipline, this year I’m going to commit to a higher level of accomplishment: Mt. Vancouver (36 specific books) instead of Mount Blanc (24 specific books).

I will read the books on my 2013 list, plus at least another dozen.

When I’ve decided which books, I’ll update the list here:
The books are listed in order by publication date. I won’t necessarily read them in that order, though.

Kat’s Mount TBR 2014: Mt. Vancouver

  1. Washington Square, Henry James
  2. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn
  3. Over Sea, Under Stone, Susan Cooper
  4. The Bat, Jo Nesbø
  5. The Starship and the Canoe, Kenneth Brower (2013 #4)
  6. VALIS, Philip K. Dick
  7. A Perfect Match, Jill McGown
  8. Chop Wood, Carry Water, Rick Field (2013 #5)
  9. The Journalist and the Murderer, Janet Malcolm
  10. Spiritual Journey, Anne Bancroft (2013 #8)
  11. Paradise, Toni Morrison
  12. Bedlam’s Bard, Mercedes Lackey
  13. Bootlegger’s Daughter, Margaret Maron
  14. A Share in Death, Deborah Crombie
  15. Blind Goddess, Anne Holt
  16. A Tale of Two SKittys, Mercedes Lackey
  17. The Fire Rose, Mercedes Lackey
  18. A Word After Dying, Ann Granger (2013 #10)
  19. McNally’s Puzzle, Lawrence Sanders (2013 #11)
  20. The Bone Collector, Jeffery Deaver (2013 #12)
  21. Death Angels, Ake Edwardson
  22. Killing Floor, Lee Childs
  23. Consilience, Edward O. Wilson (2013 #13)
  24. Lost Christianities, Bart Ehrman (2013 #14)
  25. The Heart of Christianity, Marcus Borg (2013 #15)
  26. Cat vs. Cat, Pam Johnson-Bennett (2013 #16)
  27. Liberating the Gospels, John Shelby Spong (2013 #17)
  28. The Book Thief, Marcus Zusak
  29. Ender in Exile, Orson Scott Card (2013 #18)
  30. The Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller (2013 #19)
  31. The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid
  32. The War of Gifts, Orson Scott Card (2013 #20)
  33. The Age of Wonder, Richard Holmes (2013 #21)
  34. Holy Warriors, Richard Kaeuper
  35. The Lens and the Looker, Lory Kaufman (2013 #23)
  36. Use All The Crayons, Chris Rodell (2013 #24)

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