Sidetracked again

pod desk to eliminate distractions

I had planned to start a major assault on the stored files I wailed about on Sunday, but I let myself be distracted by a bunch of stuff.

First, before I could sit down at the desk in my new staging area, I had to rearrange the furniture (one of my favorite procrastination techniques).

Next, it was the weather. It was a beautiful day, so I went for a walk. Ran into a neighbor I hadn’t seen in a while, so we talked long enough to catch up with the major events in our busy lives. His dog—a gentle three-legged poodle mix rescued from the local shelter—was sniffling a bit, so we discussed vets and antibiotics and pilling techniques before I headed home.

A glance at the calendar reminded me that I had some errands to run, and while I was out, I decided I might as well drop off a box of donations to the thrift shop and pick up some more cat food.

Even after Andy left for his tutoring gig, I found reasons to put off sorting and filing (or scanning, or shredding, or recycling) those boxes of 40-year-old files.

  1. I had to choose the next book for my Teaser Tuesday and Third Sentence Thursday book posts. As usual, this involved actually reading bits of a dozen or more books before I found something appropriate.
  2. The shoes I was wearing started tearing at the point where the leather met the rubber sole, and a blister was forming. Can’t have that! Changed shoes, and put the torn pair aside for a trip to the shoe repair shop in my next errand day.
  3. All three cats were feeling neglected, so I spent some time kitty-fishing with The Brats. After that, I had to sit and cuddle Midnight for a while. (Can’t have my beloved former feral getting in a snit because The Brats get more attention than she does!)
  4. Then, I realized I hadn’t heard back from the people I was expecting to meet in New York next week, so I fired off several emails. I also emailed the friends who want to get married in our living room in December, and my cousin in Denver, and a friend who wants to meet me for lunch this week.

By then, Andy was home and it was dinner time.

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