Well, that was a bust

So much for the January blog challenges. I think I got one post each done for NaBloPoMo and Small Stones. Definitely not a stellar moment in my blogging career. I’m also behind on my quest to scale Mount TBR — too busy knitting a baby sweater for a friend, and a scarf for my husband, to do much non-work–related reading.

Will February be different? We’ll see. I’ve signed up for Mount TBR (To Be Read)

NaBloPoMo February 2014

and will attempt to catch up with my dusty shelf of books to read.

Baby steps. One step at a time.

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Cat lover, singer, early music addict, reads a lot. Former R&D chemist with an obsessive need for variety. Now active as a freelance technical writer and editor, web designer, photographer, computer coach, and trainer. Owner, MasterWork Consulting (http://www.masterworkconsulting.com/).
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