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Merle Haggard and the Serial Comma

The caption of this old newspaper photograph¬†illustrates why the serial comma (aka “Harvard comma” or “Oxford comma”) is useful. ¬†<img src=”” alt=”photo of Merle Haggard” /> alt=”photo of Merle Haggard” >

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In A Modern Utopia, H.G. Wells presents a vision of a nearly-perfect human civilization in which the narrator and his companion are transported from Earth to another planet with exactly the same geography, but a much different social organization and culture. Continue reading

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First day gratitude

On this first day of the new year, I’d like to look back at the old year for a bit. Oh, not the usual “this went well but that didn’t” blurbs. My retrospective is more along the lines of an … Continue reading

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Blogging challenges for 2015

Since this isn’t a single-theme blog, and my main goal is to become better at writing non-technical non-fiction, I use blogging challenges to prompt me to write outside my comfort zone. NaNoBloPo (originally National Blog Posting Month; now continues with … Continue reading

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