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Flashback Friday: 2015-01-09

December 30, 1972 We were married in my mother’s living room, 42 years ago, and are still best friends. My only regret: I doubt I will ever fit into that dress again.

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Looking for Sophie Cornell

Updated 2015-01-06: She found me! Sophie Cornell sent an email granting permission to use this photo, and she included three additional photos of small stones. Thank you, lovely lady! One of my blogging inspirations is a program of mindfulness prompts called Small … Continue reading

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First day gratitude

On this first day of the new year, I’d like to look back at the old year for a bit. Oh, not the usual “this went well but that didn’t” blurbs. My retrospective is more along the lines of an … Continue reading

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Blogging challenges for 2015

Since this isn’t a single-theme blog, and my main goal is to become better at writing non-technical non-fiction, I use blogging challenges to prompt me to write outside my comfort zone. NaNoBloPo (originally National Blog Posting Month; now continues with … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday 2013-11-15

Yesterday you saw Cavendish as an adult cat. Today, I thought I’d show Cavendish as a six-month-old catlet. At that age, Cav had two speeds, bat-out-of-hell and stop. I caught this picture just as Cav went through a phase change.

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