Trip Preparation Checklist


O Reschedule appointments
O Sign out for church choir
O Arrange for cat sitter
O Post office – hold mail & paper
O Tell neighbors & Barb

Pre-trip errands

O Food for trip and 1st day back home
O Cat food (wet & dry) for each day of trip + 1st day back
O Prescription refills
O Other?

Transportation prep

Car            **OR**        Plane/train
O Wash car                       O Tickets or e-Ticket confirmation
O Vacuum inside             O Passport or picture ID
O Empty trash                  O Luggage tags
O Gas                                  O Clean suitcases/carry-ons
O Check oil                        O Transportation to airport/station?
O Print out directions     O Departure time?
/program GPS


O [long trip] Leave instructions w/ phone #s
O Wet/dry food and dishes on counter
O Access to water?
O [summer] Open window to porch/check screens
O Clean litter boxes
O Clean carriers (if boarding The Brats)


O Water houseplants/yard plants
O [long trip] Leave instructions for watering
O [long trip] Move houseplants to dining room
O [summer] Arrange for someone to mow lawn

Household & personal stuff

O Laundry
O Update meds list    O Print 2    O Sync with phone/iPad
O Update packing list    O Print 2    O Sync with phone/iPad
O Change sheets/towels
O Put water down basement drain
O Pay bills due before return
O Make list of things to do as soon as we get home

Final house check

O Check windows & doors
O Check cats
O Check iron/TV/stereo
O Check computers
O Check lights & timers
O Check washing machine/dryer
O Check garage door

Final out-the-door check

O Tickets
O Passport/picture ID
O Luggage tags
O Water bottle
O Lumbar roll
O Suitcases & carry-ons
O Food?
O Leave itinerary & insurance info on kitchen counter

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