Missing posts

Looks like about half of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge posts have gone AWOL. Today’s task? Finding them, republishing, and figuring out what went wrong.


UPDATE 2011-01-10 6:44pm
Found ’em! Still don’t know why they didn’t show on the blog, but I reverted to Draft then republished them, and here they are.

I’ll be a bit nervous, though, until I figure out what happened.

UPDATE 2011-01-10 7:45pm
For some reason, a random selection of my posts are switching to Private rather than Public after I publish them. Private posts are invisible unless I’m logged in as an admin. Others are switching from one category to another. No obvious signs of hacking, but I’ve changed my password anyway. This is driving me batty.

UPDATE 2011-01-10 8:51pm
Caught the little critter!
My cat has been playing with the touchpad on my laptop, occasionally batting it hard enough to register as a click. When the cursor is over a checkbox, such as the categories list in the sidebar, or the Public/Private toggle, it changes. She has also been following the cursor with her nose, and trying to lick it off the screen.
Bad kitty!

Lesson learned. From now on,  I either shut down the computer when I walk away from the keyboard, or at least minimize the browser so the cursor isn’t hovering over anything active.

I’ve switched everything back the way it’s spozed to be. Now, it’s time to clean the noseprints off the laptop screen and go to sleep!

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