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Why “Life, the Universe, Everything?” Part 2

Since I’m updating my blog design for the first time in several years, I thought I’d add featured images for the major categories: Life (my personal stuff), Universe (science stuff), and Everything (everything else). Life The tree of life is a … Continue reading

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Why “Life, the Universe, Everything?”

When I started looking for a title for my personal blog, I wanted something that would incorporate all of my non-work interests: Science, music, books, art, cats, family…well…everything! At the time, I was rereading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series for … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: 2015-01-09

December 30, 1972 We were married in my mother’s living room, 42 years ago, and are still best friends. My only regret: I doubt I will ever fit into that dress again.

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Small Stones: 2015-01-05

Outside: dark, windy, cold. Inside: warm, books, knitting. Where do I want to be? Easy decision!

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Sunday Scribblings: 2015-01-04

Since I’m away from home, and can’t sing with my usual choir, I thought I’d try singing along with a You-tube video. Mozart, yeah, Mozart! So, I found this: Continue reading

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