Testing new comment-spam controls

Since I’ve started posting more regularly, I’m getting over a hundred spam comments a day on each post, which kinda drowns out the few real comments I get. Yes, I hold first comments from new visitors for moderation, but I’ve missed several real comments that got deleted when I bulk-deleted the spam. (Thank you, friends, for being persistent and picking up the phone when your comments didn’t appear!)

Today I’ve added two new-to-me plug-ins that several of my WP expert friends recommend:

  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
  • Simple Trackback Validation

Between them, these two should prevent the real junk from hitting my moderation queue, allowing me to move legitimate comments online more quickly.

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2 Responses to Testing new comment-spam controls

  1. S Emerson says:

    I tried Simple Trackback Validation on 2 blogs. It seemed to be dumping legit trackbacks so I removed it from one.

    You might want to monitor if it does the same for you.

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