Before we know it

“Time passes. If we don’t play with our kittens when they’re small, they’ll be all grown up before we know it.”
~ Fiona Robyn, Writing Our Way Home

Fiona was talking about the growth of her real-life kittens, Roshi and Tsuki, and the need to pay attention to life as it happens.

I like to think of it as a metaphor for cherishing Beginnings. A kitten is the beginning of a cat. A wedding is the beginning of a marriage. A sentence is the beginning of a story.

Beginnings should be nurtured, protected, nourished.

This week, I joined a new book discussion group. (Well, it’s new to me. The group has been meeting for several years, although I just joined yesterday.) I’ll have to miss the next meeting, since I have a previous commitment, but I’m definitely cherishing it. The book is interesting, as are the group members. We each come with different perspectives, different attitudes, different life experiences. Everyone talked a little. Everyone listened a lot, interested, respectful. I’m looking forward to future discussions.

This was a Beginning, and beginnings are important. I must notice and remember Beginnings. If not, before I know it, I will be somewhere else, doing something else, and all the wonder of that particular Beginning will be lost to me. Before we know it, we change. Before we know it, we forget.

Cherish your Beginnings.

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