Hungry Lippe!

Lippe joined us for breakfast, today. We went to my family’s favorite brunch place, The Flour City Diner.

Flour City Diner entrance

Entrance to the Flour City Diner

In its early days, Rochester was known as the Flour City, because of the large number of flour mills along the banks of the Genesee River. Some of the old mill buildings still exist in the High Falls area of the city, although they were converted into factory warehouses and office buildings, but at least one of the old mill wheels is still visible. Later, after the mills closed and our wonderful county parks were designed and landscaped by Frederick Law Olmsted, people started calling it the Flower City.

The Flour City Diner is open for a pot luck dinner on Wednesday evenings (a single entree, chef’s choice). They have a full dinner menu on Friday nights, and a wonderful brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday.

Lippe on the table

Lippe waiting for his breakfast

In addition to their usual list of omelets, pancakes, and sausages, they always have 5-7 brunch specials.

Lippe was the first person seated this morning, and waited patiently for us as we greeted the restaurant staff and several of our friends who were also eating brunch there today.


We all sat down and studied the menu.

Lippe eats breakfast

Lippe loved his breakfast!

It was hard to decide what to eat. Today’s specials all looked delicious.

Eventually, we ordered. Eventually, our food came.

Two of us had the special Bourbon Raisin Oatmeal. Lippe ordered Strawberry Pancakes With Sausage. (Jerry Manley, the restaurant owner, makes his own sausage. YUM!)

Lippe at Stevers' Chocolates

Lippe at Stevers' Chocolates

After breakfast, Andy went grocery shopping and our friend Linda went home. Lippe and I went to Stevers’ Chocolates to buy goodies.

Stevers is a wonderful place! They make oodles and oodles of different kinds of chocolate and other candies. The best thing is, their factory and shop are in an old house just a few blocks from home.

Today, we got a small pack of dark chocolate and walnut turtles, a small pack of Grand Marnier cream-filled chocolates, and a box of assorted crystalized maple sugar candies.

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