So far behind

Once again, I’ve fallen behind on my reading challenge. I committed to reading 36 books in 2014 for the Mount TBR Challenge on Goodreads. The goal is to reduce the size of our To Be Read piles by actually reading the books. 36 books. That’s all. Should be a piece of cake, a walk in the park, .

I listed the books I planned to read, a nice mix of classics plus both fiction and non-fiction from recent years. I was off to a good start, and then…I got derailed. Every time I went to the library or walked past a bookstore, I was distracted by other books I wanted to read. So, I read those books, and not the ones I committed to read.

Well, I’ve just finished a chat with a few of the stellar reader-heroes who always finish their challenges with time to spare, and I’ve discovered their secret. They update their lists monthly, taking off some of the listed titles and filling in the titles of the books they actually read, even if those books weren’t on their original list.

I’m feeling seriously disillusioned.

So, that’s what I’ll do for the remaining months of 2014: read whatever I feel like reading, as long as it’s from my 1000-book To Read wishlist. When I finish it, I will enter it into my Mount TBR list in place of something that’s already there that I won’t get to this year.

And, for the 2015 Mount TBR Challenge, I will start with a BLANK LIST, and fill in the titles as I go.

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