This will be my Life List (aka Bucket List). Not a plan, not an agenda, not even a set of well-thought-out goals, just stuff I want to do or be someday. At first, the order will be random, as I think of them, not prioritized. (Might change that later.)

Works in progress will be in bold type, with a [start date]. Completed items will be struck through (if I can figure out how to do that in WordPress editor) with [start date/finish date].

Update 2011-12-15: Just upgraded to WP3.3 and upgraded to the latest version of my parent theme. Houston, we have STRIKETHROUGH!


  •  Join the Audubon Society and go to their meetings
  • Take horseback riding lessons
  • Finish what Mom started, exploring our family genealogy
  • Grow a bonsai tree
  • Play chess
  • Play Go
  • Learn French


  • Win a photography prize
  • Have an aquarium
  • Own a town or an island
  • Go into outer space (should this be under Travel?)
  • Spend time on a silent retreat
  • Invent something other people find useful
  • Be a Recommended Blog on BlogHer and/or ScienceBlogs
  • Mentor someone again
  • Write and publish a book of essays
  • Write and publish a travel book
  • Sell my photographs
  • Buy something for myself at Tiffany’s (not a gift)
    Got a beautiful bud vase! [2012-04]
  • Sing American colonial music with a quartet in Williamsburg


Improve myself

  • Figure out what makes me happy, and do more of that. [2011-12-03] Still working on this.
  • Figure out what makes me unhappy, and do less of that. [2011-12-03] Still working on this.
  • Take voice lessons again
  • Act like a morning person again (used to be, not so much now)
  • Make a 5-figure income again
  • Create enough passive income so I don’t have to work unless I want to
  • Become debt-free
  • Learn to get angry without crying
  • Learn to say NO without feeling guilty
  • Become fluent in Spanish again
  • Pass a civilian firearms training course (if I feel competent with a gun, I might stop being afraid of them)
  • Be able to do two real push ups without hurting something
  • Do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes a day (doesn’t have to be consecutive minutes, does it?)

Do for others

  • Make a regular monthly donation of the stuff I de-clutter to a nonprofit, instead of throwing it out or letting it pile up in the attic [2012-05-25 to …]
  • Go on a disaster relief trip
  • Volunteer at a Food Cupboard again


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